new construction home inspection houston tx

'Newly Built' Doesn't Always Mean 'Safe'

Know for sure-get a new construction home inspection in Houston, TX

When you're looking for a new home, you want to make sure there aren't any hidden issues. Older homes have classic charm, but they often come with problems. That's why many homebuyers opt for new construction. But even brand-new homes can have issues. Call MEER Inspections today if you need a new construction home inspection in Houston, Texas.

Why should you inspect new construction before you buy?

New home inspections are the best way to know that a home is in good shape. When you get a new construction home inspection, you'll know:

  • If the home was built on a solid foundation
  • If the roof is sturdy and ready to weather a storm
  • If the plumbing and HVAC systems were installed properly

Reach out to MEER Inspections in Houston, TX today to learn more about the benefits of new home inspections.